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Antiozonant TL3 is belong to Thiourea derivatives.

Product property 

Appearance Pale yellowheating loss%  0.5 
Melting Point5870 ash content % 0.2

Application characteristics 

TL3 have the outstanding features of ozone agingoxidation-resistantimproving the dynamic fatigue performance 

The most important feature is Non polluting and low coloration and small mobility the ozone resistance is equal to 4010NA 

Water insoluble, in acid it is almost not pumped out; Long immersion in various solvents,it still can maintain product features

The difference between quinolines and  amine compound is no pollution to environment and non-discolouring.

In TL3 molecular beside nitrogen-atoms,it have substituent group which can support strong electronic power.Its role is to give priority to react with ozone to prevent the reaction of ozone with rubber.

It is used in rubber and plastic product to  prevent and delay the products due to the effect of ozone and cause crack and failure.

It is in the international leading place to produce the color rubber products.

TL3 is easy to disperse in rubber and has good processing property.

TL3 in rubber has the vulcanization effect and is especially suitable for thick rubber products.

TL3  is belong to environment-friend auxiliaries and suitable for light products and food, medicine, health class rubber products,and have the High cost performance.

Anti-aging agent TL3 mechanical property ,ageing-resistant performance and dosage.


1.TL3  is environment-friend auxiliaries and  can be used in most of the rubber products.

2.It is especially suitable for light color rubber products

3.Its comprehensive protection effect is equivalent to 40104010NADMBand is superior to other common Anti-aging agent RDWH-02DNP2246.

4.It has the  vulcanization effect to rubber.

5.The best dosage is 2 part.

The recommended dosage1.5~3part.


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