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Fluorocure 5A


GRADETypical Properties
Purity(% min)99.5
AppearanceDark amber pellets
Specific Gravity1.38
Volatile content (% max)1.0
Packaging25 kg Fiber drums with Five 5 kg bags/5 kg Bottles

Advantages and Benefits

  Fluorocure 5A is a new generation cure agent for fluoroelastomers. This type of product is very widely used in developed countries replacing other curatives such as #1 and #3 Curative. Fluorocure 5A contains both vulcanizer and accelerator in a pellet form that is easy to use. Compared with Bisphenol AF/BPP powder blend, Fluorocure 5A has the following advantages

  Uniform dispersion in compounds:

    Often times Bis AF/PP powder blends are difficult to disperse resulting in visible  white particles in compound. Such particles cause the compound to have low tensile   strength and elongation. For molded products with complex shape the white particles also reduce the hot tear strength and cause higher defect rate. Fluorocure 5A has a melt temperature of 90C. Therefore during the mixing process it melts and it is easily dispersed into the compound.

  Improved flow properties:

    Also because Fluorocure 5A melts at the processing temperature, it acts as a process  aid and provides the compound with better flow properties. Fluorocure 5A is very suitable for making products with complicated shapes using injection molding and transfer molding processes. 

  Higher efficiency:

  Undispersed particles of Bis AF/BPP means lower efficiency. Since Fluorocure 5A melts during mixing, excellent dispersion and hence maximum utilization of curing agent is achieved.The pellet form of Fluorocure 5A also reduces loss in the mixing process. Bis AF/BPP powder can be dusty and sucked into ventilation system

 User/environment friendly:

    Fluorocure 5A is in pellet form and produces minimal dust. On the other hand Bis AF/BPP blend can be dusty during weighing and mixing and is therefore a health hazard to the operator. Compared with #1 and #3 Curative, Fluorocure 5A gives compound superior compression set 


  Bisphenol AF based curative system for fluoroelastomers. Contains both vulcanizer and accelerator. Provides higher efficiency, more uniform dispersion and better flow characteristics than Bis AF/BPP powder blend.Typical usage level is 2.0-2.5 parts.


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