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Usage:It is used to strengthen the fluorine rubber and the adhesion of the metal and improve the fluorine rubber and the formation of the fluorine rubber fluorine rubber composite layer adhesion, can be applied to the hose, especially as the car engine and peripheral device, AT device, fuel system and devices around the hose. The product can be used as viscous resistance to tearing agent alone, also can use bisphenol AF collocation, as vulcanization accelerator, can partly or completely replace vulcanization accelerator BPP, enhance the tear resistance of fluorine rubber.

outstanding characteristics: waxy solid, low melting point is easy to melt dispersed uniformly, and the adsorption bisphenol AF, avoid formation of dust and the loss of bisphenol AF, fluorine rubber in rubber mixing process and the formation of fluorine rubber composite non fluorine rubber joint is excellent, and chemical resistance, oil resistance, heat resistance, cold resistance, pressure resistance.

physicochemical indexes:Appearance: brown waxy solid    

                         purity:  ≥ 98%

                         melting point:  50~60℃

                         volatile matter: ≤ 0.5%

Method of use: in proportion to add rubber mixing, mixing evenly, as a tearing resistance agent in the glue dosage of 1%, with bisphenol AF as vulcanization accelerator, when using glue dosage in reference to the BPP dosage, for bisphenol AF adding amount of 20% ~ 25%

Packing specification: inner foil bag is enclosed for 2.5kg/bag and 25kg/box for carton.

Note: the product easy to moisture absorption, should try to use completely after open the foil bag, attention should be paid to isolate air seal, the save, but the use of the product after moisture absorption performance there would be no effect. Avoid splashing in the eye when use, if splash into the eye with a lot of water to rinse, long-term and repeated skin contact, can cause skin irritation, should be equipped with good protective equipment when used.




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