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chemical name:2,3,4,6,7,8,9,10-Octahydro-1 - (phenmethyl) - pyrimidine and [1,2- alpha] azonium chloride、

CAS. NO:49663-94-7          EINECS:  256-419-6


molecular formula:C16H23ClN2       molecular weight:278.82

Quality index: implementation standard Q/77168373-5.19

test item        test Method                     quality standard

Appearance visual                               Brown crystal

Purity %         HPLC                                ≥98%

Melting Point ℃ Infrared differential thermal analysisDSC170-180℃

moisture %    KARL FISHER                                 ≤0.1%

 Ash content %  GB/T 7531-2008                         ≤0.2%

character: Brown crystal,In contact with air, the moisture can quickly become sticky, long time exposed to the air will become the water sample brown liquid, after the absorption of the product has no impact on the performance of the product。Micro - benzylic acid, soluble in ethanol, methanol and other organic solvents, micro - soluble in water formation emulsion.

Usage:Fluorine rubber vulcanization accelerator quickly, bisphenol AF/is a - B vulcanization system, as a vulcanization accelerator, entirely replace the BPP, easier to disperse completely, dosage and usage in line with the BPP is 0.5, it is mainly used for oil seal formula, vulcanization performance is better than the BPP,

Storage: The product is stable in nature and has a shelf life of two year at room temperature。To avoid contact with eyes and inhalation, wear good protective equipment when operating. Use and contact with this product to clean thoroughly with methanol.

Package: 5±0.1kg/box、25±0.2kg/barrel。


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